For races that you have to win right from the start

When running a project, a perfect start is often the decisive factor in whether you achieve success at the finish line. Nothing is more crucial during the quotation phase than correct costing as a solid basis for a profitable project. Especially in the case of continuously increasing product complexity and ever shorter throughput times.

Our quotation software EN4M™ calc was developed precisely along these preconditions. This performance solution is ideal for companies which place emphasis on engineering, complex product development, and customizing-to-order processes. Best of all, with increasing project complexity, EN4M™ calc feels more and more comfortable. Because hardly any other software can link broad data structures across various locations in such an intelligent way, and yet remains easy to use. EN4M™ calc sets you up in pole position.

With EN4M™ calc an enterprise can keep control over complex tender processes under increasing competitive pressure

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Global competition, digitization, increased product diversity and faster market maturity are just some of the factors that continually increase demands on companies.

With this growing complexity and huge dynamic changes comes a demand for high flexibility, responsivity, and transparency, even already at the project costing phase. And this is needed across the worldwide network of collaboration between customers and suppliers.

To cope with growing pressure, companies need to transform into agile organizations, increase flexibility, and maximize customer satisfaction.

EN4M™ calc will help you to cope with this challenge and furthermore gain a competitive edge.







Costing with EN4M™ calc - core capability and setting the course for successful projects

Costing is a core area of expertise within a company and can already be decisive at an early phase on the subsequent success of a project. That’s why it’s so important to be able to rely on a capable tool like EN4M™ calc.


By using valuable knowledge templates and parallel collaboration between different divisions, EN4M™ calc not only reduces time and effort, but also significantly increases the speed of creating a costing. And it can achieve this even where employees are collaborating at different locations across the globe.

With the special top-down and bottom-up calculation of the costing values, in EN4M™ calc the costs can be assigned exactly to the respective payers and aggregated within the costing structure into the next planning level. Cost drivers and bottlenecks are detected early, well-founded decisions such as make or buy, change variant, etc. can be reliably made.

EN4M™ calc allows at any time a focused and role-based view on the costing of your services. This gives all stakeholders, especially management, the necessary transparency to make the right decisions in the shortest possible time frame.

With EN4M™ calc, you reduce throughput times and increase the quality of your costing calculations. From the beginning on this has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. On this basis the course is set for successful projects.

Always calculate with the best


  • Central and standardized costing management in the context of a multi-project management environment
  • International decentralized and parallel cooperation of several participants in a costing
  • Company-wide standardized costing process with simultaneous individuality of distinct business units

  • Integration of suppliers
  • Strategic sales management and portfolio management
  • Straight-forward integration into existing system landscape

Selected functions and performance features

  • Use of structured reference templates for the quick creation of costings with high validity 
  • Central access to all relevant data, such as, for example, resources, prices, and payers, for the purposes of precise allocation of the costing values to the relevant services
  • Calculation of variants in a query
  • Consideration of resources and skills for the costing
  • Plausibility check using resource allocation
  • Use of internal and customer price lists
  • Individual approval process per payer/division
  • Top-down and bottom-up calculations
  • Automatic deviation analysis and conflict analysis
  • Automatic consolidation of the costing values
  • Time visualization of service provision
  • Visualization of resource distribution in the project
  • Versioning, gapless historization and integrated change management
  • Integrated Management Board with approval and escalation mechanisms
  • Standardized reporting
  • Flexible role and rights management
  • Connection with SAP FI/CO for example is possible
  • Seamless integration of our project management modules (EN4M™ apm, EN4M™ pm) for full cost control in the later project

Advantages & Benefits


  • Significant reduction in the throughput time for creation of a costing: “Shortest time to customer“
  • Higher responsivity to the customer regarding change requests
  • Significant reduction in acquisition costs
  • Best quality and reduction of financial risks in potential follow-up projects

  • Straight-forward documentation of the entire costing development
  • Time savings in international collaboration with no loss in quality
  • Secure data access via flexible user and policy management
  • Smooth project start via automated setup of customer projects
  • High customer satisfaction


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