If complex can be easy,
it is with EN4M™ pm

It is easy to plan, manage, and monitor even the most complex product development projects using our EN4M™ pm software.

en4m pm

How does that work? 

When it comes to optimisation of processes, large corporations and Hidden Champions have trusted our expertise as an innovative system supplier for the last 20 years. To meet the high demands of leading companies, we have developed sophisticated methods and procedures for the efficient handling of demanding projects.
With EN4M™pm you can draw on this wealth of knowledge.Put your trust in a powerful tool which will accompany you through all phases of the product life cycle. Put your trust in a tool that can do far more than conventional project management solutions - and despite all that is easy to use.

More time
for the
core business

Lighten the burden of your project management with a centralised solution.

All completely within one system

Project management solutions that have limited capabilities are counterproductive. The gaps are often plugged by drawing in other systems. A tangle of software is the result. Not with EN4M™ pm. All capabilities are within the one system.

A sustainable solution that grows

We think that it should be necessary to invest only once in a project management system. That’s why EN4M™pm is scalable. It grows with the demands placed on it. Both in terms of the size of the company as well as the complexity of your projects.

The user at the focal point

We know that your daily work leaves little time for the data maintenance of a project management system. That’s why the EN4M™pm is designed to take care of things for you. Only really important data is allocated to a certain process role. This protects your resources.

The result

EN4M™ pm is designed for slim, results-oriented project management. It is up to you if you prefer to handle your projects using classical methods, agile approaches, or with a fully agile method. EN4M™ pm is flexible.

EN4M™ feature list

  • Multi-project Management
  • Programme Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Product Data Management and Planning Data Management
  • Project Structure (work breakdown structure)
  • Critical Path Analysis/Gantt Chart
  • Scheduling
  • Management of activities
  • Gateway Management
  • Maturity Management
  • Agile Project Management
  • Preventive Review Management
  • Sprint Planning and Review
  • Work Results Management
  • Process Results Management
  • Dependency Network (advance cockpit)
  • Collaboration
  • Performance Measurement / Status Calculations
  • Milestone Trend Analysis
  • Dashboard
  • Issue Management
  • Risk Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Resources Management
  • Quality Management
  • Budget Planning
  • Cost Estimates
  • Cost Planning
  • Cost Controlling
  • Portfolio Controlling
  • Milestone Controlling
  • Ticket 
  • Template libraries for scheduling, processes, product and project structures
  • Variant planning & scenario management
  • Issue management
  • Archiving / change tracking
  • Customer and supplier management
  • Reporting

Advantages & Benefits


  • Smaller expenditures for project planning and control
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Less crash costs through preventive action
  • High level of user friendliness
  • Up-and-running quickly, low implementation costs
  • Easy integration into existing system landscapes

  • Cross-site integration of all stakeholders, including partners and suppliers
  • No installation costs, because browser based
  • Worldwide operational, because multilingual 
  • User-friendly customisable through finely tuneable rights-based access


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